Gamemaster Tiles

Historically, tactical play with miniatures took place on vinyl battle mats, large foldout maps, homemade table-mounted terrains, and pre-fabricated terrain sections. Modern-day options include all of those plus printable PDF files, terrain-specific foldout maps (some are dry erase), interlocking tiles (some are dry erase), 3D modular pieces, and foldable environmental objects.

Test Tile: Trees

Test Tile: Grass

Test Tile: Hill

Test Tile: Blight

Unfortunately, none of the currently available options meet all of our personal gaming needs and so we have spent the past two years talking to other players at events like Metatopia, GenCon, and PAX Unplugged and have found many people with similar needs. Specifically, those needs include:

  • Large enough to build modular playing areas quickly and efficiently
  • Small enough to store and transport easily
  • Sturdy enough to last through thousands of hours of play
  • Inexpensive enough for most players to purchase a variety of terrain packages
  • Containing enough detail so that additional playing aids aren't necessary in most scenarios (and not needing game masters to spend valuable play time drawing, erasing, and redrawing)
  • Aesthetically pleasing, but not realistic

The tiles are in the final stages of beta testing and the next stage of concept artwork is being created in preparation for a Fall 2019 Kickstarter.