Educational Games

The Forum

The Forum is a party-style board game that reinforces the art of persuasive speaking known as rhetoric. Take on the role of a famous Greek philosopher and compete against other orators in presenting an argument on a specific topic using a mode of persuasion--either Ethos, Pathos, Logos, or Kairos. Win enough arguments and be awarded the title of Master Orator.

This game is in the second round of beta testing with educators, including a workshop presentation at the New Jersey Writing Alliance (NJWA) Conference at Rutgers University. Additional playtesting and development will lead up to a Kickstarter sometime in the next 10 months.

Other Games

Other educational tabletop game projects are in active development and will be showcased here as they enter the beta testing stage. All we can say at this point in time is that they all address various Common Core standards and are designed for use in Learning Commons, classrooms, and at home.