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Saturday, August 4th
The Pestiline Resurgence, Episode 3: Legacy of the Alva
Early Session: 12:00 to 4:00
Late Session: 8:00-12:00

You work for The Codican. Originally a non-military organization dedicated to the collection of lore and ancient artifacts, it has spread to nearly all surviving cities and now represents one of the most organized and effective forces against Pestiline and the Blight. Some of you have been with them for years and previously worked as Seekers, and others are recently recruited due to specialized skills and knowledge. Your group is an elite task force stationed in the borderland city of Bockthorn and reports directly to Magistrate Kriss Alvard, leader of both the city and the local Codican forces. While not the type of leader that people follow into battle, his exceptional talent for logistics has been crucial in optimizing the distribution and use of the limited resources still available.

Bockthorn is even more crowded than most borderland cities, and the thick haze of smoke is ever present. It swirls around the storefronts, the houses of chestnut and oak, and settles along the lanes and alleys like fog. Near the center of town the aroma is savory with the scent of wood ovens, bread, meat, and the tangy iron of the smithy. On the outskirts a sweeter, stomach-churning scent seeps in from the bonfires that seem ever burning, sending the restless corpses who are captured as they walk in from the Blightlands to their final death.

It has been four days since you returned from the Blightlands and the ruins of Tower Aven--having retrieved the Chronicle Tenebra, an ancient codex of knowledge about the nether. Rumors abound about the excitement caused among Codican scholars by its contents. But so far you haven’t been told anything by your superiors and have been left alone to train and prepare for your next mission.

But you can’t seem to completely shake the oppression of The Blight from your body and mind, nor the memories that haunt you from the mission before that. Your dreams are troubled and you wake well before sunrise the next morning--just in time to receive an urgent request from Magistrate Alvard. Within minutes, sped along by the emptiness of the still quiet city streets, you find yourself entering the town hall to meet with him.