Current Projects:
The Druids talk of the last great alignment of stars that caused extreme shifts in the energies of the land. The current convergence coincided with the fall of the great city of Olran, and the Skalds sing of how the city's spires were bathed in a purple flame. The flame spread until all within the city's walls were bathed in the unearthly light and stripped of their mortal essence. They now walk the streets as gaunt shades.

The world of Haros is in chaos, and heroes of legend rise through epic adventures to fight for its salvation. 
Terrain Tiles
One of the things that frustrate us as tabletop gamers is the way that printed and dry erase battle maps fail to effectively support our gaming experiences. Visual aids aren't necessary, but can really enhance the tabletop experience - especially for new players. 

Terrain Tiles will be sturdy, inexpensive, modular tiles that can quickly be laid down to create a multitude of terrain environments for roleplaying and wargaming. And when the edge of the board is reached...  just remove the old tiles and lay down new ones to explore!