Current Projects:
Blightrealms is a rules-light tabletop RPG that supports a wide range of play styles. It uses a success-based D6 dice pool system along with two Story Dice, and character development occurs through a combination of ranked class kits with unique abilities, and skills that are leveled up.

It is set in a high fantasy world invaded by otherworldly beings who have raised an army of undead and are terraforming the world into a hellish landscape. Players are part of an elite task force working to protect the remnants of civilization while trying to uncover ways to destroy or drive off the invaders. They are humanity's best hope to stave off the apocalypse.

Terrain Tiles
One of the things that frustrate us as tabletop gamers is the way that dry erase battle maps fail to effectively support a fluid gaming experience. Visual aids aren't necessary, but can really enhance the tabletop experience - especially for new players. PDF sheets require printing and lack durability, and 3D terrains are expensive and often time-consuming to set up.

Terrain Tiles are sturdy, inexpensive, modular tiles that can quickly be laid down to create a multitude of terrain environments for roleplaying and wargaming. And when the edge of the board is reached...  just remove some of the old tiles and lay down new ones to explore!